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Do you make resolutions each year? This is the time of year when we usually hear that question. I didn’t usually make any until one year a friend explained it another way. He didn’t mean the usual things like eating better, exercising more, etc. Those were things for helping me stay physically healthy. He was asking what my spiritual plan was to grow closer to God and grow in virtue that year. 

This past week in class, we discussed with the Kindergarten students what the definition of a resolution is. One of the children said a resolution is a promise to do something good for someone to help them. Another said, “A resolution is helping my Mom or Dad with dinner or some other task at home”. Great answers! I explained that yes, a resolution is a promise, not only to show our love for others, but to show our love for God. Thinking back on my conversation with my friend I began to make a new beginning each year. I review the year and resolve to make a promise to God to grow closer to Him – to know Him better, love Him and serve Him more. 

I first heard the phrase, “nunc coepi” at a recollection. “Nunc coepi” or “now I begin” has become an often repeated aspiration of mine, typically when I catch myself breaking my promise. As we look ahead to the New Year we echo these words written in a prayer composed by St. Josemaria Escriva to the Holy Spirit: 

Saint Josemaria’s Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Come, O Holy Spirit!
Enlighten my mind to know your
commands; strengthen my heart
against the snares of the enemy;
inflame my will…
I have heard your voice, and I don’t
want to harden myself and resist,
saying “Later…, tomorrow.”
Nunc coepi! Now I begin! In case
there is no tomorrow for me.
O Spirit of truth and wisdom, Spirit of
understanding and counsel, Spirit of
joy and peace! I want whatever you
want. I want because you want, I
want however you want, I want
whenever you want.

St. Josemaria’s words remind me to begin again, to start fresh. Our spiritual journey can be difficult; sainthood is a high goal. So I find myself saying “nunc coepi” when I am struggling and I am encouraged to keep striving. 

Happy New Year, nunc coepi!


AUTHOR: Eileen Ford, Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

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