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St. Benedict Classical Academy

St. Benedict Classical Academy is a co-ed independent school that offers a classical education in the Catholic tradition for students in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 6. At SBCA, we strive to cultivate intellectual and moral virtue in the pursuit of academic excellence, in a joyful and faithful Catholic environment. At SBCA, students enjoy the merits of small class size, with low student-teacher ratios across all grades.

SBCA Mission

St. Benedict Classical Academy offers a distinctive classical Catholic education for the whole child, cultivating intellectual and moral virtue in a joyful, Christ-centered environment, rooted in the riches of Catholic magisterial teaching as defined by the Catechism of the Catholic Church. In uniting the Catholic Faith with a classical curriculum, and integrating into the life of the school the virtues first learned in the family, our students gain not only knowledge, but an appreciation of education as a noble pursuit.

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St. Benedict Classical Academy has received recognition from The Cardinal Newman Society as a National Catholic Education Honor Roll School.

“I recently had an opportunity to spend some time at St. Benedict Classical Academy and to meet the faculty and staff there. While the facility was charming and a delightful place to learn, I was even more impressed with the teachers. SBCA is blessed to have such an excellent group of bright, cheerful, and enthusiastic faculty who are committed to their faith and to the noble work of teaching. My only regret is that my family doesn’t live closer to SBCA–my wife and I would certainly send our children there! “

Dr. Jeffrey Lehman, Assistant Professor of Education, Hillsdale College

St. Benedict Classical Academy Provides an Alternative to the Common Core

“Schools like SBCA provide young students with a breadth and depth of learning unheard of in Common Core schools by putting them in conversation with admired and enduring characters in literature and history—those that have shaped Western Civilization and the Western moral imagination. By steeping students in the works of the great intellectual, moral, and artistic leaders in world history, they have models to emulate: models of fine reasoning and writing but also often of fine character. This is precisely what young children need today.”

Dr. Sandra Stotsky, Emeritus Professor of Education, University of Arkansas

“A classical curriculum does not propose that a student merely ‘shake hands’ and develop a passing acquaintance with the greatest thinkers, the greatest artists, saints, and prophets, but rather that he becomes so wholly habituated to their thoughts and words, their prayers and psalms, their masterpieces of art and music, that he himself becomes like those great people.”

Dr. Tony Esolen, Crisis Magazine


St. Benedict Classical Academy is proud to offer an authentically Catholic and rigorous classical academic program.


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