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Parent Perspective: Carlos & Nathalie

“We chose to send our children to St. Benedict Classical Academy because we wanted to instill in them at a young age confidence and joy in the existence of unchangeable Truth. With its classical approach, SBCA is able to integrate the search for objective Truth, goodness and beauty across the disciplines and help its students develop the desire to become lifelong learners. Beyond its academic excellence and emphasis on developing virtue, we were also drawn to the school’s community of strong families. We are so grateful to have found a school which partners with us in our mission to educate the hearts and minds of future (we hope!) saints.”

-Carlos & Nathalie, Parents of Isabella (Grade 4) & Catalina (Grade 2) & Joaqiun (Pre-Kindergarten)

Alumni Perspective: Yanis & Martine

“We couldn’t be happier for the education provided to our two sons. Although a young school, St Benedict’s has proven to be a gem. The high quality and dedicated faculty and staff mixed with excellent classical academics and strong values make this school very unique and greatly prepares the students for the future. We feel very fortunate to be part of the SBCA community as we see our sons flourish as knowledgeable and caring human beings.”

-Yanis & Martine, Parents of Erik (’19) and Mark (’17)


Parent Perspective: Deborah & James

“St. Benedict’s does classical education well.  Students of all abilities are encouraged to aspire to greatness.  The classics here are not mediocre or dumbed-down.  Both culturally and intellectually, children seek the heights of what is Good, True, and Beautiful. Religious instruction at SBCA lovingly follows the Magisterium.  It is pure and true. The board and administration deeply understand the concept of “Parents as Primary Educators.”  My husband and I find that the school augments and supports what we are trying to do at home.  Our duties and rights as parents are respected. We have seen a tremendous growth in our children.  They are proud to be Catholic.  They are curious and full of hope.  In a secular culture that sometimes seems to be quite dark, SBCA is a place of joy and light and learning.”

-Deborah & James, Parents of John (’17) and Adele (’20)