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Hail Mary, Full of Grace the Lord be with you.

“April showers bring May flowers.”  This is a rhyme heard often in the classroom signifying the transition from the often overcast and rainy month of April to the generally sunny and blooming month of May. The month of May often best represents springtime with the appearance of new life and the return of color and vegetation after the long winter.

Yet May is not just a month for flowers but also a month especially dedicated to Our Lady. At St. Benedict’s, as in many Catholic institutions and churches throughout the world, the popular practice of a “May Crowning” takes place this month to honor Mary. May, with its ushering forth of new life, calls to mind Our Blessed Mother’s “fiat” or “let it be done,” which brought Our Lord to life through her.

Fittingly, flowers are also one of many Marian symbols. In teaching the Kindergarten class about the beauty of this month and what it symbolizes, we learned that Mary has many names, one being “Mystical Rose.” I decided to have students create colored flowers to place around an image of Mary as a class activity as our own little “May devotion.”

By following Mary’s example, we grow closer to Jesus and grow in appreciation of her humble obedience to God. As good Christians, it is our hope that, like Mary, we may become more obedient to God’s will as we grow in virtue. In a special way, let us call to mind Our Lady’s strength and faith as we honor her this month and always.

Author: Heidi McInerney, Kindergarten Teacher

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