Turning Darkness into Light


Many of my students have told me that history is their favorite subject at school. First graders at St. Benedict Classical Academy are introduced to the study of history by following a timeline spanning from Creation to the present day. Each week students get a brief glimpse into a particular time and place through the eyes of individuals or groups of people. Through storytelling, children imagine the wonder of early hunter-gatherers as they painted by flickering torch light deep in the earth. They discover the importance of literacy in civilization as we observe the development of several writing systems from hieroglyphics [...]

Turning Darkness into Light2023-02-13T09:53:29-05:00

Learning History, A Classical Approach


Last year, a grandfather of an SBCA student stood outside with me on a beautiful spring day. It was Grandparents Day and the campus was abuzz with the happy sounds of chatter and laughter as beloved grandmothers and grandfathers enjoyed refreshments following a presentation prepared and performed by our students. This particular grandfather's face lit up with a smile as he enjoyed a cup of lemonade and reflected on how much he had enjoyed seeing his grand sons and daughters recite poetry, perform historical speeches and show off their knowledge of US history in particular. He gushed about how much it [...]

Learning History, A Classical Approach2022-10-27T16:21:26-04:00
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