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Lighting the Way Forward: The Future of SBCA 

St. Benedict Classical Academy has identified itself as a distinctive and bright new beacon in the greater Boston educational landscape. In just a few short years, enormous strides have been made toward securing our future. The founders of our school have already accomplished so much: from securing our permanent home, to receiving formal recognition through the National Association of Private, Catholic and Independent Schools (NAPCIS), to gaining official Catholic status through the Archdiocese of Boston, SBCA’s light is already shining brilliantly. SBCA boasts a talented faculty and administrative team with an enrollment that has tripled since its founding. Interest continues to rise and admission is gaining real momentum. But still more work awaits us! As we strive to grow our program, we rely on the generous contributions of those who share in our vision.

By making a gift to St. Benedict Classical Academy, you are helping to form the next generation of great thinkers, doers, makers and leaders. Students who are ready, willing and able to commit their God-given talents and abilities in serving their fellow man. These are the unique qualities of an SBCA Graduate:

  • They are able to discern beauty—in writing, in art, in music;
  • They are captivated by great books and the engaging characters and stories therein, rather than feel the need always to be entertained by electronic stimuli;
  • They can engage and take interest in ideas and principles, and the lifelong search for truth, rather than being consumed only by the acquisition of things;
  • They have an understanding of the historical context in which they live, instead of a bias toward the present and a false idea that moral progress is inevitable;
  • They can stand up and articulate the bedrock principles of Western civilization and of the American experiment in ordered liberty, rather than believing that assertion of feeling constitutes authentic argument;
  • They understand how characters are formed and good leaders borne, rather than being pulled by cultural trends and what’s popular;
  • They can disagree with others without being disagreeable.

To join us in our efforts to graduate more students with these outstanding characteristics, consider supporting the SBCA Annual Fund.

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