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St. Benedict Classical Academy’s Pre-Kindergarten Program provides a whole child-centered approach to learning, based on the philosophy and pedagogy of Dr. Maria Montessori. The Pre-Kindergarten Montessori classroom is a prepared environment with developmentally appropriate materials that foster independence, order, coordination and concentration. Learning materials are attractive, didactic, multi-sensory and manipulative—created with the importance of the child’s sensitive period for order and exactness.

Curriculum is integrated across five main areas: Practical Life (teaching motor tasks found in real life), Sensorial (aiding children in identifying, discriminating and classifying forms, colors, sounds, etc.), Mathematics, Language, and Faith Formation.

St. Benedict Classical Academy’s Pre-Kindergarten Program uses the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Program for students’ faith formation. A dedicated, sacred “hands-on” space allows the students to witness the teachings of Jesus by hearing, pondering, and celebrating the most essential mysteries of the scriptures and liturgy.

“That irresistible impulse which unites a child with the objects about him during the sensitive periods is actually a love for his environment. It is not simply an emotional reaction, but an intellectual desire or love which enables a child to see and hear and thus develop. A natural desire which children have to observe can be called in Dante’s words “the intelligence of love”.” ~ Maria Montessori, The Secret of Childhood.

“All that we have been able to observe over these years, whether directly or through collaborators and former students, leads us to consider the child as a “metaphysical” being—who moves with ease in the world of the transcendent and who delights in—satisfied and serene—the contact with God.” ~ Sophia Cavalletti, The Religious Potential of the Child.





Tuition 2022-2023

5 Full Days (8am- 3:00pm)- $11,000

3 Full Days M, W, F (8am- 3:00pm)- $8,000

2 Full Days T, Th  (8am- 3:00pm)- $6,000

Pre-Kindergarten Vision

  • Support students in their natural development of mind, body, and soul.
  • Foster a love of learning.
  • Develop positive social skills and practical life skills.
  • Encourage the skills of presentation and observation – two foundations of classical education.
  • Teach children to uncover the beauty of the Catholic faith and to experience it as part of daily scholastic life.
  • Facilitate an environment of Christian charity and cheerful inquiry.
  • Build core academic concepts in mathematics, literacy, science, and the arts in  an approachable and developmentally appropriate manner.