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Who Are the Primary Educators of Our Children?

As educators in a classical school, we see in the law of nature that parents, as consequence of their participation in the procreation of a child, have a unique and irreplaceable relationship with their children, and this is a source of their fundamental and inalienable obligation to be the primary educators of their children. We understand that flowing from this obligation is a right, a requirement of justice, to do just that.

As educators in a Catholic school, we echo the words of the Catholic Church, who in her wisdom, teaches this truth of nature so that there is no mistaking: “The role of parents in education is of such importance that it is almost impossible to provide an adequate substitute” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, §2221).

What Is the Role of St. Benedict Elementary?

St. Benedict Elementary was founded so that parents can entrust their children to professional educators who respect their fundamental right as parents to teach their children in light of their final end: happiness in union with God forever. In other words, St. Benedict Elementary exists to be an extension of the parents in the simple and yet utterly profound goal of aiding their children in becoming saints. Thus, the teachers at St. Benedict Elementary, like the parents, embrace the teaching authority of the Church who is the preeminent teacher of us all and seek to cultivate in each of their students what is needed to offer a fervent and enduring “yes” to the universal call to holiness.

We believe that this is best achieved through first, a rigorous study of classical and Christian thinkers who serve as guides to each student and second, the participation in a Christian and thoroughly Catholic environment that we seek to cultivate at St. Benedict Elementary.

How Do We Seek to Accomplish This?

At St. Benedict Elementary we seek to support parents who have chosen to entrust their children to us. Because we see education in light of each child’s final end, we see the importance of supporting parents in this great mission. Thus, we encourage parental leadership in each child’s learning process because we know that this intellectual, moral, and spiritual formation begins and ends at home. There are three ways, integral to the mission of our school, in which we seek to accomplish this. First, each year we offer parent and teacher seminars, which serve as a source of continual formation for the adults in the students’ lives. Second, we make regular communication about learning objectives for each week a priority so that the budding intellectual lives of our students can continue to develop and flourish, augmented by the family. Finally, we promote family involvement in the St. Benedict Community through parent volunteers during the school each day, prayer groups for parents, family service projects, and St. Benedict parent and family social activities. Thus, we work together to build a faith and intellectual community in which our children and families can grow inside both the school and the home.