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This week I gave my 4th grade students the opportunity to share what they enjoy most about St. Benedict Classical Academy. While I received a wide range of answers, there were three categories of responses that I feel truly capture the nature of our school:


“I like belonging to the House of St. Catherine of Siena because it feels like it is our home at school. I like that there is a secret handshake because it is very fun to do. The best thing about being in a house of faith is that it is unique; most other schools don’t have them.”

“One thing I really like about SBCA is that I get to attend Mass every Tuesday and that I am able to go to Confession and Adoration.”

“I love that SBCA is a Catholic school because it is a good environment, and we get to have religion classes.”

“It is a Catholic school. This is great because my former public school was not Catholic, and so they did not have Mass once a week or Adoration once a month.”


What I love most about SBCA is that you make new friends. I love that no one is lonely; everyone is friends with one another. Everyone is nice and loving.”

“What I love most about SBCA is everyone is so nice here. It’s my first year here, and everyone was so welcoming. The teachers and students were all very kind.”

“I love that the school is small, and that makes it easy to make friends.”


“I love that the teachers pay attention to you and help you learn about whatever you’re learning. They are also really positive and make me feel good about my work, and they help make learning challenging and interesting.”

“What I love most about SBE is how nice, caring, and helpful all the teachers are.”

“What I love most about SBCA is that the class sizes are smaller. Also, the number of classes per grade is just one. This is helpful because you get to know everyone better.”

“I really like how it is a small school, and I know so many people here. I like to be able to know the people around me and have so many friends. Knowing everyone makes me feel good about coming here to learn with them.”

“The thing I love most about SBCA is that we are a small school, so I know all the kids and they are all my friends.”

Author: Katie Boren, 4th Grade Teacher, and 4th Grade Students

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