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St. Benedict Classical Academy offers a distinctive, classical education that seeks to foster in children intellectual and moral virtue, all while experiencing the joy of learning in a Christ-centered community, rooted in the beauty and riches of the Catholic faith. The practice of the faith will be woven through the life of the school, including:

  • Daily Morning prayer
  • Angelus before lunch
  • Act of Contrition said each day
  • Monthly Adoration and Confession
  • Religion Class
  • Weekly Mass and Holy Days of Obligation celebrated
  • Virtue-based Character Education
  • Service projects and community outreach

Virtue-based Character Education

At St. Benedict Classical Academy, education empowers students to be the best they can be, the people God designed them to be. Students can truly only excel intellectually if they have learned and put into practice the human virtues that enable them to develop strong moral character–an internal compass that guides them to use their intellectual gifts for the common good. Growth in human virtue alongside instruction and practice of the faith leads to the development of faithful, responsible, considerate and committed people.

Each month at St. Benedict Classical Academy, a set of virtues is promoted in the curriculum and practiced in our school setting and at home. The virtues are first defined and explored, and then integrated into the curriculum through stories, history, poetry and literature.

Chaplain: Fr. Peter Stamm