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Our Mission

St. Benedict Elementary strives to cultivate intellectual and moral virtue in pursuit of academic excellence. We seek to provide each student with a foundation for life, rooted in strong intellect, heart and character, formed in a joyful and faithful Catholic environment.

Our Academic Vision

Our curriculum is inspired by the classical model which, while academically robust, tailors subject matter to each child’s natural cognitive development. Instruction begins in the younger grades with strong emphasis on developing mastery over skills in the core subject areas of reading, writing, grammar and math while building a broader framework of knowledge in history, literature, language and science. Students in the older grades build on this foundation as they learn to analyze, question and think critically about topics studied. This progression from learning facts to developing the ability to think analytically, combined with the integrated study of classical subjects, provides young children with the tools to think for themselves and to become independent, lifelong learners.

In uniting the Catholic Faith with a classical curriculum, and integrating into the life of the school the virtues first learned in the family, our students gain not only knowledge, but an appreciation of education as a noble pursuit.