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I often consider what the world would be like if all children received a St. Benedict’s education. What would it mean for future generations and for the world around us? A world full of St. Benedict students would mean a world full of individuals able to discern truth from falsehood, good from evil, and beauty from triviality. Children would be more informed about the customs, philosophies, and history that formed our present age; they would be more conscious of the world around them, more articulate about the problems we face and more intentional about the manner in which we combat them. In short, we would create future generations of leaders, virtuous citizens, and noble stewards of the world.

Current parents of SBCA students understand the significance of a St. Benedict’s education. They have made the conscious decision to entrust their children to St. Benedict Classical Academy, believing in the fruits of our school’s unique program and philosophy. We know that others, too, have been inspired by the testimonies of our parents and that many are intrigued by the promise of an authentically Catholic, classical education. As our enrollment continues to grow, I have come to recognize that each new student is also an endorsement of what we do and who we are at SBCA.

As we head into a new admissions season and await future classes of SBCA students, I hope that you will consider supporting our school by spreading the word about our upcoming Open Houses. Open Houses at SBCA allow prospective families to tour our beautiful campus, meet current students and parents, and interact with our incredible faculty members. Our Open House dates this fall are:

October 20th & November 17th from 1-3 PM

Attendees may RSVP to

Please help us spread the word about SBCA and our Open Houses so more wonderful children can receive the benefits of a St. Benedict Classical education!


Sarah Barry

Director of Admissions

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